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    Arielle Mindigo, APC

    Sometimes the most difficult part of seeking support are those first few steps you take towards pursuing it. Arielle wholeheartedly understands that seeing a counselor can be nerve-wracking, so congratulations on beginning that journey for yourself! No matter what goals you may be hoping to accomplish, she believes that the difficulties you are working through cannot be separated from your present environment & past lived experiences. Her belief is also that much can be learned from establishing beneficial communication patterns, increasing boundary-setting skills, and exploring helpful coping strategies.

    Her experience thus far has been with adolescents and adults, and she is open to seeing children (ages 7 & up), couples, and families as well. Arielle has assisted clients who are confronting depression, anxiety, attention/focus issues, mood disorders, trauma & grief, and general stress or self-esteem issues. Knowing that counseling is a place that one should be able to authentically express their emotions and experiences, Arielle hopes to create a nonjudgmental space for individuals regardless of their religious or spiritual background, gender or sexual identity, and the like.

    Arielle is currently provisionally licensed and is receiving supervision from Catrin Jensen, LPC, CPCS, NCC.