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    LaShay O’Connor, LMSW

    Rome Office

    **Provides services to Children, Adolescents and Young Adults**

    Sometimes we struggle with life, coping, making decisions and relationships. We may even turn to substances to cope. Let’s face it, life gets hard. Therapy provides a safe place to talk and learn healthy coping strategies. LaShay is someone who can provide a non judgemental environment to allow you to understand and manage complicated situations. LaShay’s unique way of healing is to allow your voice, a voice you may have kept silent for a long time, or felt like your voice does not matter, a safe place to be heard. Not only can you heal, but grow and transform into the person that you want to be. LaShay can work with you on healing and guiding you to enjoying a life worth living.

    LaShay O’Connor provides counseling to children and young adults to navigate their feelings, hear their voice, and lead them into healing. LaShay is currently provisionally licensed and is receiving supervision from Shannon Mathis Meyer, LCSW, CAC