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    Leslie Morgan, LCSW

    Rome Office

    EMDR trained

    Leslie Morgan is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in social work. She has a passion for facilitating lasting positive change for others and believes that each person is connected to and influenced by our environment, culture, body, mind, and spirit; and aims to respect and include these aspects within the treatment process to better understand clients and facilitate the change they desire. She strives to establish a safe space for clients to experience, practice, and perfect new ways of relating to and influencing the world.

    Leslie uses TF-CBT, CBT, DBT, and Attachment modalities to help clients to better understand themselves and then process and heal their trauma. She has experience working with adult, geriatric, adolescent, and child clients in individual, couples, family, and group therapy settings. She has over a decade of experience working with families in crisis, the child welfare system of Georgia, and children in care. 

    As a lifelong learner, Leslie continues to hone her clinical social work, therapy and ministry skills through reading, training, conferences, mentorship, and continuing education credits.