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    Telemental Health

    What is Telemental Health?

    Telemental health is the use of videoconferencing technology to provide mental health services. It is sometimes referred to as telepsychiatry or telepsychology. Research suggests that Telemental health services can be effective for many people, including, but not limited to those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Telemental health services increased drastically with the coronavirus pandemic.

    When would I use Telemental health?

    Increased access of care: The rise of Telemental health services has allowed for more specialized care. If you cannot find a therapist in your local area, you now can search for a provider that has specialized training and experience.

    Convenience: Utilizing Telemental health can also be more convenient in our busy lives. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device to connect with your therapist.

    Insurance coverage: During the coronavirus pandemic, insurance coverage of Telemental health has increased, and we hope that it continues to be covered at the same rate as regular session in the future. We recommend that you call your insurance provider to ask if they are covering Telemental health sessions.

    Are there times when Telemental health is not recommended for me?

    Balanced Living offers outpatient mental health services. We do not recommend outpatient virtual sessions if your mental health distress increases to the point that you are not safe for yourself or safe for others. Your therapist will assess if Telemental health is appropriate for you at the time of your first appointment.

    Can I see any of the Balanced Living therapists?

    Yes, all of our Balanced Living clinicians are trained in the process of working via Telemental health and are licensed for Telemental health if you are physically in the state of Georgia. Some of our therapists are also licensed to provide Telemental health services in Florida and Alabama.