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    Cayla Strong, M.S.

    Applaud yourself for having the courage to take this big step towards improving your well-being! Like a trainer committed to helping individuals reach their best selves physically, Cayla utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help individuals reach their best selves mentally. She also integrates person-centered and solution-focused techniques when needed to tailor therapy to each individual. She is passionate about combatting the stigma around therapy and helping others free their minds. With active listening, empathy, patience, and a nonjudgmental nature she aims to provide an accepting environment for positive change for every client she meets.

    Cayla earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Tennessee State University and a Master of Science in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Clayton State University.

    Cayla’s focus areas are supporting teens and young adults through individual, couples, and family therapy who live with:

    • Depression and Mood Disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Relationship Concerns
    • Self-esteem Concerns
    • Grief
    • PTSD

    As well as individuals belonging to marginalized communities such as:

    • LGBTQIA+
    • BIPOC

    Cayla is currently pre-licensed and under the supervision of Catrin Jensen, LPC, CPCS.