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    Rick Bermudez, MSW, CADC-T

    Rome Office

    **Provides services to Adults, Children, Couples and Families.**

    If you’re the parent of an intelligent, high energy, and emotional kid, you may feel exhausted. The frequent calls and emails from school staff about your child’s “red days” can be overwhelming. Each week, your creative and adventurous child is growing more angry, restless, and down on them self. You want your child to thrive, but you don’t know what to do. You want your child to look forward to their school day and come home with positive news about their friendships and schoolwork. You want them to be happy with who they are and accepted by others, and you want them to learn how to respond to conflict in a healthy way.

    This is where Rick comes in. Rick utilizes both play therapy and talk therapy to help your child process difficult experiences, build self-esteem, and learn skills that will help them handle life’s challenges. If you are looking for a safe space for your child to express their concerns AND someone to support you as a parent, call or email Rick so we can get started. Rick is provisionally licensed and is receiving supervision from Shannon Mathis Meyer, LCSW, CAC.