• About Us

    Thank you for visiting Balanced Living. We believe in an integrative approach that embodies unique strategies focused on your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. We have a dedicated staff of mental health counselors that are prepared to work with you individually or as part of a comprehensive team. Our experienced staff utilizes evidence based techniques and interventions to facilitate healing, growth and desired change.

    Balanced Living will help you find a new version of you, that better suits you at the present time and establishes a foundation for lasting change.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide respectful client care in our communities. Breaking the stigma around mental health, mental fitness and emotional growth to facilitate life quality and rewarding relationships. We want you to know that you do not need to suffer alone and we are here to help you gain insight and awareness as well as helping you learn strategies and coping skills to manage your mental fitness. We utilize evidence-based techniques that are recognized as established and effective in the mental health field. 

    Public Safety

    For those of us in the Public Safety family, we also offer comprehensive support and counseling (short and long term) for our First Responders. We provide you with a space for processing your exposure to job-related experiences and we are also focused on prevention and family dynamics.

    Let's Work Together

    We provide a collaborative therapeutic relationship, a safe space to explore what is working and what is not working. Mental health counseling will not be a mystery as we work together in establishing goals for therapy and ways to get there. We help you find ways to reconcile and resolve the past, so you can more comfortably move forward while leaving the past in the past. 

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